Managers and coaches: Please be sure to follow our field maintenance instructions prior to and after all your games.
May 192016

Middletown Little League was notified by the President of Freehold Township Little League of an attempted abduction of three young children in their main facility in Freehold this past Saturday.

The attempt occurred at approximately 12:30pm this past Saturday at Freehold LL’s Michael J. Tighe Park by their Snack Bar in a crowded park filled with parents and young children. While this attempt was several towns away, Middletown Little League reminds parents to remain vigilant of their children’s whereabouts at all times when at the baseball/softball fields.

This abduction attempt is a sobering reminder why Middletown Little League performs backgrounds checks on all its Board members, managers and coaches, and is also why we require managers and coaches to wear their ID badges at all times when at the fields.

The safety of our players and families is of the utmost importance to Middletown Little League. Thank you for all your efforts in this regard.

Jun 262015

Game & Practice Cancellations

Should inclement weather conditions render fields to be unplayable, you will be contacted by your child’s coach and/or receive an email and/or text blast from the league. In general, always assume that games and practices are as scheduled unless you are informed otherwise by a coach or the league. Should you have any questions on potential cancellations, first contact your child’s coach. And, please be sure to check your email and text messages for any updates from them and/or the league.

Rain Or Not

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